Stabilized soil mixing station maintenance and maintenance of knowledge resolve Stabilized soil mixing station for our daily many construction have played a significant role, as an operation technician stabilized soil mixing station, we do not know, use light stabilized soil mixing station gearbox for concrete mixer trucks equipment, but also know how to maintain and repair equipment , then in order to ensure the stability of soil mixing station equipment safe and effective production, stabilized soil mixing station on care and maintenance there are several aspects that need attention. About stabilized soil mixing station maintenance and maintenance of knowledge: ①, reducer (filter) and electric drum performed in the instructions for use of the corresponding provisions. ②, stabilized soil mixing station mixer, aggregate belt conveyor, belt feeding machine, each batching machine, the bearing screw conveyor, a day before starting the grease gun to apply oil lubrication cup 5-8 down, open the inspection after every 200 hours and replace with new grease. ③, should smear a little butter before dasion 8×4 concrete mixer truck 15m3 stabilizing soil mixing station mixers power transmission gear every day. ④, opened once a week each drive chain cover, and apply a small amount of the chain plus grease after every 300 hours cleaning the chain once. ⑤, weekly cleaning each belt and the belt tensioning screw feeder once, and apply new grease. ⑥, stirrer, poor working conditions, wear and tear when the paddle to the original area of ​​less than 2/3, replace the paddle. ⑦, class after work, the mixed material storage bin in the material drained, cut off the mains; open agitator cover, check the fastening arm and stirring paddle, and found loose nuts should be tightened immediately, in order to avoid leaves Pulp loss caused accidents; clean or remove equipment in the material around the adhesion to avoid hardening bonding material, affect the normal use of the equipment. ⑧, deceleration or electric drum leakage occurred, to promptly replace gaskets or seals, to ensure their adequate amount of oil. ⑨, stabilized soil mixing station cover on the rear of the cylinder damaged to be repaired, in order to avoid material flying out of wounding. When our stabilized soil mixing station 16m3 dasion 8×4 concrete mixer truck operator when operating their equipment as long as firmly grasp the above points, then you can guarantee the normal operation of the device, it will greatly reduce the security risk, in fact, should be treated like treatment equipment the same family, in time for it to carry out maintenance, maintenance, so as to ensure safe and correct operation of late.