Recently, we received a group of Harvard Concept B production version of the test car spy photos, the car basically a continuation of the previous concept car shape and style, the next mass production will be launched as a small urban SUV. Havel in 2015 Shanghai Auto Show and released a Concept B Concept R two concept cars, the representative of Harvard Blue Label and Red Label brand turbo suppliers of the future direction of the double. And the way this test, it is the production version of the Concept B models. From the modeling point of view, which uses a hexagonal mouth design, the overall shape and concept cars are basically the same. According to the concept cars parameter point of view, Concept B length and breadth of their body size were 4146 * 1772 * 1623mm, wheelbase 2550mm, located in a small SUV turbo suppliers uk. Inside, the car is currently in place have not yet fully assembled, but the interior of view, the air conditioning vent is provided in the top of the control, under which is expected to be sound, the air conditioning operating area. From our point of view to get its suspension, followed by suspension uses a torsion beam axle suspension and, in fact, in line with its main city locating small SUV. It is not known is its name and power systems balanced turbo, the future mass production of this car is named and identity, we will also continue to focus on.